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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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thank you >> i wanted to show the spacing and because here grade is lower it looks i would suppose it look lie like it has come to her property but i wanted it from this angle this which is the
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frame is right there. it seems like a large gap according the measurement it's 6.3 inches and it's 4 feet 10 inches above your grade. i believe it's code compliant with building a deck here in san francisco. just want to say we are a neighborhood their we grew up on the west side they've been supportive of the arts. the people i keep around they're also all, you know, personal connections there's not one person in the house i've been to school with half of them and most of us played music and some people are playing saxophone.
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as for bringing the deck basing back as sherry she was suggesting. the old deck you could easily see over the fence and there was a direct i direct line of sighted for all the children. we would hang out open the deck it was pretty observe we don't go out on that does the children are having fun and the roommates never bothered them and with this larger deck i proposed that i would be more than willing to put a facade up like bamboo or something green something egging could friendly but we'd rather not decrease the size of the
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deck limited within 12 feet is legal. but i understand the issue that she has i would say we're not - we are just a bunch of good goose we're not wanting to threaten any the children or the businesses. i would like to know respectfully request from the board you allow the completion of that deck we've been working hard. august 29th was stressful within the safety hazards and i'll stop do you know what the grade difference it's on the hill from ms. lewis house roughly >> it would be about 2 feet the grade differences. what do you think you guys
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>> about 2 feet. >> i have a question too. your sort of community oriented and obviously wanted to maintain don't relations with your neighbor you talked about bamboo. i lived up next to my neighborhood it is nice to have a little bit of privacy >> i did have a conversation with the neighbor and i didn't want to impede on their business. i'm a san francisco native and every how's your looking into someone's bedroom windows or
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someone's yard >> how do did you handle that. >> we - >> facade you said that what does that mean. >> to block our view of their yard. >> okay. >> for the terms of looks like bamboo. >> vegetation. >> i'm more than will. >> have you made that over. >> yes. there this was met about a week later. >> no. >> what's it called. >> an appeal. >> yeah, so. >> no response back other than an appeal. >> we thought it was a good idea we we liked it she said it was correct i was trying to meet her halfway. >> okay. thank you. i have nothing further.
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go ahead. well, we have others >> mr. t. >> good evening corey t from planning department staff. just to all the history there was a appeal filed and there was a permit foiled to address that violation it was approved over the counter by planning staff. the project didn't require 3 lifting notification to the neighbors because it was a rear deck of allowance 10 feet high to the space within the buildable area that didn't include a firewall. so those types of projects we don't require an 11 requirement you can building build a rear
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feet fence up to 10 feet high without a permit this is less than that that was approved correctly. again, no foyer wall is included the deck is set back more than 6 photo from the property line with the appellant. and again also the deck is only 4 feet 10 inches high to the because of the deck. i believe the issues of privacy were brought up in the guidelines. the residential guidelines do basically talk about privacy both on one end stating this is a dense city you have 0 strike a balance and generally, the guidelines only address appropriate guidelines in those situations and we felt the
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situation was not requiring any change to the residential guidelines. so in some ways the planning department prospective was permitted roughly >> thank you. >> mr. duffey. >> commissioners just looking at the permit applications on the approval process it meets all the building codes for structural and for the heights of the railings et. i know the appellant mentioned setbacks but ear used to setbacks and this extends into the backyards. it wasn't the same violation it was compliant by annoying we didn't issue a notice of
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violation but notice there was a deck reconstructed without a permit. we attempted to get in but they exploited with the intent before we got in so no notice was issued it was complied with the complaint >> how much farther out has that been extended. >> it's about 6 to 8 feet i can double check that for sure. 6 feet i hear >> and what's the maximum it can be extended under the code. >> that's a planning department code it's probably at max. >> okay. i have a question i don't know which of you could answer the question. actually do you want an answer to your question first >> i don't know.
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>> it could go to either. whoever can answer. with respect to i think the word used by the permit holder is the facade or any type of planting or construction. what would be permitted to create some type of blockage. i've seen it in different forms but i don't know is there any suggestions of creating some level of privacy >> from a building code of view any material could be used. trellis is okay >> and height also; right? >> okay. >> thank you. >> i address well, can you ask your question again. >> so it's been extend 6 feet longer than it used to be what's
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itself limit and the exiting company is rh one s that has a rear yard for 25 percent for this project is 28 feet so right now they're providing approximately 45 feet of rear yard so their 20 plus feet of buildable envelope to this site. they're not close to the rear yard line which wasn't an issue >> would you find it code compliant. >> yes. >> so it could go out 20 more feet that deck. >> technically the building that far would bring it in some but for a deck especially a
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lower deck from the point of patios you get it to code compliant. >> one more question - >> i was going to address our other question of planting material. we don't regulate that in the planning code. as you said there are different 30r789s all over the area whether it's bamboo or a trellis with viendz or trees as an - again, you can have a rear yard property fence up to 10 feet high without notification or permit >> okay. thanks. >> any public comment please
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step forward. you have to step up to the microphone >> they seem like very, very capable with each other and it's extremely important that invasion of privacy and councilmembers should not be an issue. they should work together and even if they got permission to build it would have an adverse effect. they want to and should work together without that we'll have a detrimental effect open our community and neighborhood >> would you care to state our name, ma'am. >> i'm desiree. >> any any public comment? seeing none, we have rebuttal. you have 3 minutes
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>> okay. they made a note they were saying in their response back if you look on the very first page you'll see we like the idea of extending the living space into the outdoors well, a deck is not a living space. so underneath you can build it up under there you can create a room. i feel like this is what's going to happen so he can get more rental things like that. i'm concerned about that. like i say i don't mind it. i don't mind them doing - having their deck and stuff but i don't want it sitting up in the air in
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my yard. and i do - when we first talked about the deck being built i mentioned to miles do you have a permit. he came and said no do you want me to get a permit and i said, "yes you should. well, i said they didn't let someone build it like that he said, yes they will and i said go get the permit. he did suggest that well, because i mentioned the privacy & and he mentioned the bam both and i said well, so you're not looking my kids. we come out in the yard and use it all day. just to have young people out
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there they like to hang out they're not like a family and i would use the deck here and there. i'm okay with them hanging out but i don't want to see it. that's taking away our total privacy so i asked you to come out and look for yourself. you can't get the facts until you see this thing coming up. okay. and and then he mentioned everybody has been nice. they get along with my children but everybody is so nice we're trying to get them to put up
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became but but now, it's like oh, well this is what we're going to do. we've been there thirty years you don't want to start problems with the neighbors. i can go out and get the neighbors >> your time is up. >> i didn't have enough time but the neighbors would be happy to sign. >> thank you. thank you. you have 3 minutes, sir >> thank you. so first off just in the response to her response to the letter i mean, my verbal agreement with her still stands. no matter what i am putting up bamboo it's not my idea to
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invade her safety or her children's. i mean in the letter i guess it was my fault that it wasn't mentioned but that's definitely that's where we want to meet chld halfway. in the letter we just stuck to facts in the letter. all we were doing it was our, you know, our rebuttal to an appeal letter she wrote to us. i mean, i couldn't run through the letter and find it but i believe she didn't make any mention of me offering but. i'd like everybody to know that's a great option especially for myself somebody who enables the environment and being respectful to the neighbors. i know that the conversation i had with ms. louis gave the fact i didn't want to and she can - i
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said we don't want to impede on any of your business and the children so i hope we can move on >> i have a question. i'm trying to understand why does the deck have to be so high maybe is there a reason it can't be designed to be lower. you reason we want it higher is flush with the main floor >> what's below? what's below the ground is concrete >> what's the structure it's your house what's on the ground level from the picture. >> there's a first level that right there in the back is the garage.
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so it's the garage level. i don't know the proper term to say that >> okay. i don't know if that's possible but what about a taller fence what about paying for 0 taller finance. >> this is where it doesn't get invites due to the faculties primarily her business if they need that level of privacy i feel they should provide the structure we can meet her halfway the fence sounds great but it's far more expensive especially even e then the businessman but and myself willing to get the bam but and a take care of it. >> just throwing it out there is an option. >> if so they as a business
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should build it. i want to throw out there below the deck for the record it's not the actual living space it's more extending where we can live our lives >> i had a question the deck is under 5 feet. is the space below the deck is it carved out like someone over 5 feet tall could stand up >> i would say it's pretty close to standing. yeah, i'm looking at an older picture of the original deck from a distance. >> ask for the overhead. right there i could definitely
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stand i'm about 6 foot one and there's definitely standing room there in no way is that utilized as a living space >> all right. all right. . >> that's not going to happen. >> i have nothing further. >> anything further from the department. >> i actually have one quick question. i don't know which of you will address that. if for any reason it was suggested the enclosure under the deck what is the prospective >> if they were to actually create an encompassed habit all
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space that would trigger the neighborhood permit review regardless if it was beneath the deck or no deck at all. >> okay. thank you. okay. any comments? if no one does he have a motion. i'd like to grant the appeal and uphold the permit on the condition that the permit holder provide the businessman but plantings to provide some shielding and that would be my motion. i don't know how specific i need to be >> specific is good. >> i want it to run the length of the deck. >> yes. on the appellant side of the property. that i'm not sure what the height is there any limits from
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planning or dbi >> is this to be attached to the deck. >> not necessarily as decided by the permit holder. i don't know all the specification of the layout but the planting to go high enough >> but not attached to the deck sort of that thing. >> it's up to you if i want it to be attached. >> all right. commissioners, i think it would be better if we were attached to the railing of the deck from a building point of view. >> thank you for that and height wise. >> 6 feet from the walking surface of the deck. >> okay. >> it's high enough for more people. >> the suggestions from inspector duffey i'll agree. >> and bamboo is quickly
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growing. >> and planter boxes to be included along the appellants property; is that right. >> yeah. i'd like to hear from the permit holder if you're understanding what it is i'm doing i want to make sure your understanding. yes, please >> the planning department is this growing bamboo or a businessman both type screen. >> planets. >> i'm sorry i've seen those bamboo skroenz like a fence. >> but i thought you wanted to planters attached. >> only alonghe


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